Media Department:

It is one of the departments associated directly with the office of the President of the University because of its great importance, and seeks to build an effective system and strategies for quality assurance in the university and to spread the culture of accreditation across the community of Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for women. It also contributes to promoting a culture of self-evaluation and continuing the improvement and development of academic and educational performance in different colleges and departments of the university. The department plays a vital role in the contribution of the development of the university by providing the required support and assistance to the university through its divisions:
(The Information Division)
documents all the information regarding all the activities inside and outside the university departments through different media resources (photos, videos etc.) 
(The Website division)
It is concerned with the management of the university's main website and also websites related to different colleges and their departments in both Arabic and English languages. It is also responsible for publishing news about different events and activities that the university organizes or participates in, as well as providing electronic support to the administrative and scientific departments by creating their own websites, following them up, and troubleshooting their problems.
(The Public relations division)
It basically involves coordinating with external parties, receiving guests, developing and advancing cooperation between the university and external parties that seek to provide services to the university and is considered the link between the university and the outside world.
All divisions of the department thrive constantly in an aim to support the mission and vision of the university.

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